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2019 October 30: WVEC Familiar foes face off in 94th House District race.

2019 October 25: A tie and lot drawing in 2017 kept the GOP in power in Richmond…

2019 October 22: Press Release by Michael D. Bartley: Reaction to Scheduled Debate

2019 October 22: Peninsula delegates face familiar challengers

2019 October 18: WAVY Candid with Kara and Mike Bartley

2019 October 5: Daily Press Editorial: Upcoming Elections

2019 September 30: WAVY Candidate Profile

2019 September 30: Eagle Technologies 15th Anniversary

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2019: Clean Money Squad endorsement

2019: James Jobe endorsement

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2017 December 28: 94th District: Democrats suing to not count Republican vote

2017 December 22: Editorial: Divided House means delegates must govern from center

One thing no one’s talking about.  Libertarian Michael Bartley got 675 votes to come in a distant third place in the 94th, not enough to have a prayer of even coming close to winning, but more than enough to possibly throw the House majority to the Democrats.

Hope he’s happy.

– Yes, Mr. Kirwin, I am happy.

2017 November 8: Control of the House of Delegates may come down to a dozen votes in Newport News

2017 November: General Election Results

2017 November 6: Libertarians brush off concerns they’ll play ‘spoiler’ in Virginia governor’s race

“People should vote for the best candidate on the ballot, and can sleep at night knowing they did all they could,” said Michael Bartley, a Libertarian candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates. “The more people that vote for us, even if we lose, the more the winner will have to change their positions.”

2017 November 6: Dems look to gain ground in VA.

2017 October 31: Health care a focal point at 94th District debate

Their Libertarian opponent, Michael Bartley, said he wasn’t asked to participate. Organizers for the event couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on that.

2017 October 20: Candidates make personal case at Woman’s Club

2017 October 20: Photos from Woman’s Club October Legislative Meeting

2017 October 20: VCDL Endorsement

2017 October 18: Exclusion from Debate blog post

2017 September 28: Familiar faces, plus a third, in 94th House District race

2017 September 19: Va. candidates tackle issues of aging at community breakfast

2017 September 7: Denbigh Day celebrates its 58th year with music, food

2017 September: LP News Volume 47 Issue 4

2017 August 22: Candidates in the November election

2017 June 30: Congratulations to our Libertarian candidates…

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