Victimless Crimes


When a person is arrested for a low-level drug offence their life is substantially made worse.  It deprives an individual of their liberty, and can create single parent households that put innocent children at risk.  After release, it makes their life considerably harder due to their criminal record.  The tax payers are also required to pay a significant amount of money.  Police are also diverted away from crimes that have victims; every hour a police officer spends on a victimless crime, is an hour not spent bringing justice to victims of actual crime.  Let the police bring justice to ALL.

I will propose the following legislation to change this:

  • Join the western states that are legalizing marijuana.
  • Allow doctors to prescribe anything for their patients.
  • Decriminalize personal use amounts of all drugs.
  • After the 2020 legislative session and support is greater, I will propose legalization of all drugs in Virginia.

By expressly allowing any drug to be prescribed in the state of Virginia it will be possible for experimental medication to be given in the state, as long as it does not cross state lines.  This could put the Commonwealth of Virginia at the forefront of medical research.   Give medical Liberty to ALL.

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