Right now, it takes two hours to get from 24th Street @ Marshall Ave. to Busch Gardens if you take public transportation.  Why?  Because the cities pick the layout for the bus routes.  They are about as good at this as they are at picking airlines to fly out of Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.  We need to privatize HRT so that they can pick the routes instead and will be given a subsidy (per rider) to pick up people in low socioeconomic areas and the disabled.

The state house of Virginia has abdicated its role in state road decisions; that must change.  I will call for the repeal of House Bill 2.  I will propose parallel toll lanes for expanding roads.  Let those who don’t want to wait in traffic pay the toll, those who don’t mind the traffic wait, but all will benefit from the extra lanes.  Liberate traffic congestion for ALL.

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