Law Enforcement


Beyond legalizing all victimless crimes and ending civil forfeiture I will promote justice for ALL by:

  • Proposing legislation that will make those unable to pay a fine, to be able to do community service instead.
  • Proposing legislation that only driving offences can result in the loss of ones drivers license.
  • Proposing legislation that the state will cover all costs (bail, attorney’s fees, and lost wages) for those found not guilty of felonies and misdemeanors.  Anybody charged with felonies but only convicted of misdemeanors will also have their court cost covered.
  • Propose legislation to increase the funding of the public defenders.
  • Police will be required to use, and the state will fund, body cameras while on patrol.
  • Police will be required to video tape all interviews with suspects.
  • Prosecutors will be instructed to prosecute perjury of state officials as a high priority and sentences will be doubled.
  • Police misconduct will be investigated by officials in other departments.
  • Police officers may not be given any incentive or quotas to arrest or cite people.
  • Teenage “Sexting” is not a crime, and under no circumstances should it be treated as such.
  • All fines will be placed in the general fund of the state.   End policing for profit.
  • Make restitution payments a higher priority than fines.
  • Make every attempt to find a place other than jail for the mentally ill.

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