The Atlantic Coast Pipeline uses eminent domain for its construction, so I oppose it.  If the law allows people to trespass on land, then the law must be changed. I do not care how much of a “vitally important infrastructure project” this is, you may not use the government to take property from others for private use. This is not residential distribution of natural gas, so it is not a public use.

I would like to reduce income taxes by using externality taxes. One of the most commonly proposed externality tax is a carbon tax. It is easiest to apply at the well head, as well as when it is imported. The tax should be set to increase over a known amount over time to allow the industry time to adjust. This should also replace other pollution regulations. Taxation prevents grandfathering of pollution, and forces economic pressure to reduce pollution. Under the present system, a manufacturer must have new plants meet current environmental standards, but old ones can be grandfathered in. This encourages old, polluting, inefficient plants to not be replaced by newer ones.

I support the reintroduction of red wolves into their natural habitat in Virginia. We have these beautiful creatures in the Virginia Living Museum. Let’s have them also where they belong – in nature.

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