Exclusion from Debate


On October 30th, CNU’s Wason Center will be hosting a debate between two of the three competitors in the 94th district race. When we asked why I was not included in the debate, it was told to us that entry into the debate was measured by three things: polling data, fundraising, and grassroots support.

Polling data? I have yet to find a scientific poll with measurable results regarding the predicted outcome of this house race. Grassroots support? It is a difficult metric to quantify. So this is basically a measure of fundraising. If the Wason Center wants to have a nonpartisan debate, then they must maintain nonpartisan standards and stop falling for bipartisan pitfalls. We are being punished because we do not have backers with large money coffers such as many Republican and Democratic candidates have access to.

The people of the 94th district deserve to hear from all candidates. I will peacefully attend the debate as a witness; I will be noting all questions asked in the debate and will gladly answer those questions asked of my opponents. I intend on publishing the answers in an advertisement in the Daily Press. My supporters are encouraged to attend the debate as well, which will be Monday, October 30th from 7-9PM in the Davis Student Union Ballroom on the campus of Christopher Newport University. Buttons, stickers, and t-shirts can be provided to any who wish to visibly show their support.

This Thursday, I will be attending a nonpartisan candidate forum hosted by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. I am looking forward to meeting these students, who want to know about all of the candidates involved, as opposed to the debate that will be be held in the same building, which will be a bipartisan affair.